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The dark cloak of secrecy allows many crimes against humanity to pass unnoticed. With time, memories are released, bringing back testimonies of forgotten wars. Such memories can act as therapy for soldiers wounded on the battlefield and saddened in their heart afterwards. It is in this context, in which our leaders carry much responsibility, that our contemporary society was built. The lies associated with war are often perpetuated by the inaccuracy of recorded facts - much can be hidden, leaving the victims to their own fate. For years we have known about the violence and tortures during the conflict in Algeria, for example, just one among so many of others. These are often ignored in our history books and in television reports, hiding a great number of truths on military interventions. Secrecy makes it possible to veil the worst, silence camouflages the horrors, and chicaneries hide political motivations to save the honour of the fatherland.
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