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The possibility to download: "The French Foreign Legion in Kolwezi" directly from the web site legion-etrangere-foreign-legion shows my wish to allow everyone access to the true story of the other side of Kolwezi, free of the external political pressions that can destroy freedom of speach. This book offers many advantages : It's short, It's clear and complete : it presents a true historic event witnessed by a legionnaire. It's not censured : you have access to what the author said. Its claims are argued and provide a basis for serious discussions. Putting the book on line doesn't imply any acceptation from me of the ideas and opinions expressed by the author (I wouldn't be enough competent for that). CONDITIONS : Everyone can download the book at no cost under the following conditions : No distribution of the book is allowed by any means (mail, web, etc.). This book can't be put on line at another location that legion-etrangere-foreign-legion. Personnal copy in electronic format for scholarly use is permitted. You accept that downloading the book involves NO challenge to the copyright status as intellectual property of the original book By downloading the book you fully recognize that the webmaster has no responsabililty in its content You accept that I may, without notice, cancel the possibility of download at any moment You acknolewdge that (minors) errors may have occured during the processus of converting the file to PDF format If you fully agree with these conditions, click on the following link to download the book in zipped html format :
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